Cited in Lovecraft Annual 16 on Lovecraft & Star Trek

Cited in Lovecraft Annual 16 (2022)

We received a special mention based on our Star Trek article from 2015.

It was a pleasant surprise to open up the Hippocampus Press Lovecraft Annual No. 16 to find an article on Star Trek and Lovecraft: The Ripple Effect: Star Trek and the Lovecraft Mythos by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer, and even more surprising to see a reference to and our article Did Lovecraft Provide Star Trek with “Where No Man Has Gone Before”?

Ms Hopkins-Drewer took the topic far, far farther than what I covered, including of course that Robert Bloch, not only the youngest of the Lovecraft circle and author of Psycho also penned three episodes of Star Trek:

  • What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  • Catspaw
  • Wolf in the Fold

She also explored possible other influencers that viewed Lovecraft as required reading. This article is very much worth reading as are the rest of the articles in the issue.

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